Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How does an indie pay Social Security Tax?

June --

I'm an independent military advisor ... have been for 3.5 weeks.

I have had one gig as an indie. I think I am going to be OK on income taxes. But I have searched your website, how do I make Social Security payments from my indie check? I tried to search your site to find the answer w/o bothering you, never could. I

Thanks in advance for you assistance,
Colorado Springs, CO

Hello Dean,

Good question. On their earned income, self-employeds, just as do employees, must pay three different taxes to the feds: income tax; social security tax ; medicare tax. Employees have these taxes withheld by their employers. The employer sends the withheld tax to the government.

For self-employeds social security tax and medicare tax are combined into self-employment tax. That's SE tax.

On a self-employed's federal tax return in addition to other forms there is a Form SE on which SE tax is calculated. SE tax is then combined with income tax liability to come up with total tax liability.

The calculation is done on the 1040 tax return and is paid via the tax return.

Be sure to read this post Estimated Taxes.


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