Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learn how to deduct medical costs as a business expense.

Hi June,

I'm a software/controls/simulation engineer. Indie for 6 months.

Your web site has been a fantastic resource for me. Thank you. I read recently about deducting medical expenses and I contacted TASC about setting up a plan, which I expect will save me a good chunk on taxes.

I wanted to let you know your link is not working on your page

Here's a link that works:

Thank you for the great web site !

Pleasanton, CA

Hi Rob,

The guys to talk with at BizPlan are John Gill and Marino Alcorta-Narvaez.

How much you'll save depends on your total medical costs. There have also been some changes due to the new small business tax act that may have an impact on medical insurance deductions.

Thanks about the link -- been fixed -- and for your generous comments about my site.

Please let me know how BizPlan works out.

I just signed with Xynergy to develop my a new website and online marketing. Hope to have things up and running by Christmas or earlier. As a one-person info source I need to figure out how to spread the word more efficiently.

-- June

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