Friday, February 23, 2007

Studio Workspace

Hi June,

Great site, you offer a rare combination of hard-nosed nitty gritty strategies and clarity.

My question is similar to one asked all the time but with a twist. I work as an artist and freelance technology consultant. I have a separate studio/work space that I would like to deduct. I know about the exclusivity rules and my work space is not wholly mine - I sublet out part of it so I can afford the rent. The entire rent is paid first by me, and it is only in my name, and then the other people pay me. I pay less than my subletters because I did the renovations and do all the work and take all the risk. So - can I deduct the percentage of the space relative to the square footage I use, similar to how home office deductions work? Or do I have to deduct the percentage of the space I *pay for*, which is far less? Or, the last and saddest option, can I deduct nothing because the space is not exclusively mine?

Thanks! Eric

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the quotable. I may use it in my next press release!

The exclusivity and loss rules on home office do not apply to any other workspace. Therefore, you may deduct your portion of the rent. For instance if the rent is $1000 and the others pay $700, your cost is $300. Likewise, the artists who rent from you can deduct the amount that they pay to you.

So now, no need to be sad!


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