Friday, February 23, 2007

Recordkeeping: "I got it."

Dear June,

I had to write and tell you that I just finished reading your book, Self-employed Tax Solutions, cover to cover. I am an intelligent person, having graduated with degrees in microbiology and nursing and done quite a bit of graduate level work as well. However, business accounting has always been very intimidating to me, stressful, and overwhelming. this year I decided to give up on Quick Books, which I paid someone dearly to set up for me, and go back to paper, but to really learn about what I was doing. (Because my son is off to college soon and I need to double my least!) Yours is the first book I read (except those warm fuzzy business books you refer to.) I got it! I set up my bookkeeping a bit more complicated than the simple system you outline (b/c I'm obsessive compulsive!) and I'm thrilled that someone has given me permission, in writing, to set it up my way.

Thank you!
Dawn Jardine, Dressmaker and Sewing Instructor in NY
Member, Professional Association of Custom Clothiers

Hello Dawn,

What a wonderful story. I fly out tomorrow morning heading to Massachusetts and then upstate New York. Despite the time crunch I had to take a moment to read your email to my daughter-in-law, an artist-writer. Yours is a such moving -- but not unusual tale. Others have told me that my book has, for the first time, given them confidence to deal with the business side of their indie venture.

When I was first writing my book and in the middle of explaining it to someone, he said, oh yeah, I get it, it's a Taxes for Dummies. I went bananas! Absolutely not, said I. It is taxes for very bright and talented people who never had the right teacher.

You are the perfect student. Thank you so much for letting me know the book's impact.

Best regards,
June Walker

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