Monday, February 26, 2007

More Self-employed vs Employee


I have a job offer to work for a Houston based company that is opening an office in LA. They have made a generous offer after I countered the first and the main thing we were waiting for is that they have offered me full benefits and status as a full-time employee but they will 1099 - me instead of my going in to get them. Does that make sense to you? I am not an indie contractor but the 1099 has me a little nervous/skeptical.

Thank you
Guy, Sherman Oaks, Ca

Hello Guy,

A company that gives you "full benefits and status as a full-time employee" cannot legitimately pay you as an independent contractor "1099." No way, no how. Full benefits and employee status means you are an employee. Something's wrong.

I suggest you read It's all about relationships: Are you an employee or are you self-employed? on my website.


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