Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Health / Medical Insurance

June --

I'm new to the life of an 1099er and would like to know your opinion in general on medical insurance rates and shopping around.

Chris from Plano, Texas

Hello Chris,

Everyone I spoke with said the same thing. Start with your existing trusted agent that you use for other insurance. Ask for a recommendation. Often the term agent and broker are used interchangeably but usually they are defined as: An insurance agent works for one insurance company; A broker looks to many companies to find coverage for you.

You can also check with fellow indies. You don't say what your profession is so I can't suggest specific organizations or guilds.

Do check with the
Freelancers Union. It offers health insurance not only to indie New Yorkers but is expanding to other states and also has a lot of information on health insurance.

Please let me know if you find other good sources.