Friday, April 23, 2010

Quicken Records & Business Meetings

I exchanged a series of emails with Marianne, a writer/photographer, that I have abridged and am passing along to you.

Hello, June.

I just finished reading your The Confident Indie: Five Easy Steps pub. At the end, you refer to a pub you are writing about tweaking Quicken to use for business records. Is this available?

Pub was great, BTW.


Hi Marianne,

Glad you liked Five Easy Steps. Thanks for letting me know.

No, the new petite pub is not yet ready. I previously published a how-to guide to computerized recordkeeping. It was a companion piece to my book Self-employed Tax Solutions . It explained how to adapt Solutions' manual recordkeeping method to Quicken. But it’s out-of-date and needs revision.

Do you currently use Quicken? Are you PC or MAC?

Oh. I went to your site. Doesn’t work???


Hi, June.

I use Mac and PC, but prefer my Mac (newer, faster, more memory and just cooler). If you have any suggestions, this struggling taxpayer will promote you to goddess level.

Yes, that was my old site. My current site does work. ‘Tis a sad tale of down payments wasted, deadlines ignored, false starts and real disasters. Do you know any good firm who can make a website for video folks???? Lots of it will link up to videos already posted on Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Thanks for all your help, June. I will be buying other books!

Hi Marianne,

I like goddess. I'll work on it. For your website check out Mike Hartley web designer at Here's a site Mike did that includes video


Good morning, June. Thanks so much for the referral. Wow, Mike's stuff is great and he clearly works at the TopTop of the tree. My partner (and husband) and I were just looking over both sites. Again: Wow.

OK, transition:
As one small business owner to another, what is your opinion re the value of joining the Chamber of Commerce for marketing purposes?

Thank you for all your help and your ab fab site and materials. I think every small business owner/indie should read your site if only for the shot-in-the arm reminder that you ARE a business. Your message empowers -- I know that term is overused and trite now, but it is the best one this wordsmith can use.


OK, Marianne, first things first.

I agree on Mike’s work.

Since I am in the process of writing how to adapt Solutions' and the Five Easy Steps' manual recordkeeping method to Quicken, could you tell me what you find are your difficulties in setting up & using Quicken for your indie business?

[If any of you are having problems with making Quicken work for your unique indie venture please leave your comments or email directly to me at]

On the Chamber of Commerce, or any other organization, you need to first determine what you are looking for. What are your needs? Does that organization fulfill that need? Who are the other members? What are the demographics of your potential market? Are the Chamber members your potential market? Is it worth 1/3 of your day to attend a meeting?

I think of my day as split in thirds – morning, afternoon, evening. And I think of a couple hour meeting plus getting out of my jeans and dressing for the meeting and getting there and back as using up 1/3 of my day.

Call the organization and see what its guest policy is so that you may attend at least one meeting before plopping down a big membership fee.

Please, do get back to me on using Quicken for your indie business.


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