Thursday, November 13, 2008

June's Seminars & CDs

June --

am from Jefferson City, MO. I am a self-employed medical transcriptionist from my home and have been for about 10 years and still have lots of questions about taxes,etc. Where can I find a schedule of your seminars?


Dear Teresa,

Thanks for your interest in attending one of my seminars.

Because of business commitments I have put my seminar schedule on hold. Meanwhile, I’m working on new learning tools to enhance the knowledge of self-employed people all over the country who can’t make it to my seminars. When I return to the seminar circuit I’ll announce it on my site and my blog.

FYI -- my CD,
Tax Solutions for Creatives, covers a good part of the material presented in my basic seminar.

The topics are:
1. Introduction
2. Self-employed in Business
3. Three Ways to Deductions [Listen]
4. Expenses in General
5. Office-in-the-Home
6. Auto & Transportation
7. Travel or Transportation
8. Meals & Entertainment
9. Income
10. Taxes

11. Recordkeeping
12. A Final Caution

Other CDs are in the works.

Be sure to check both my blog and my website
there's lots of info for indies and you might find the answers to your tax questions.


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