Thursday, January 17, 2008

Clothes Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hi June,

We have a small remodeling business that began in 2002. Typically one man jobs are what we do. Received "Tax Solutions" in mail 1/14/08 and now in Chap 13 (no skipping around).

My question is, how subject are we to interpretation when it comes to a given deduction i.e. work clothes "clothing must not be suitable for taking the place of your regular clothing"[from your book] in today's world anything goes, in my world today's new clothes tomorrow have paint,caulk, oil, etc. etc. etc.on them and therefore are "Work Clothes."

Do we win or lose this battle and or is it somewhat of a crap shoot? I will try to apply the spirit of your answer to other deductions.


Brad from Shelton, WA

Hi Brad,

No it's not a crap shoot. It is specific.And you lose. If you can wear them in everyday situations you may not deduct them unless they have your company name or logo on them.

Were the IRS to use your reasoning then everyone could deduct all clothes worn to work because they all wear out one way or another. Whether pantyhose or ink on shirts or wine spilled at a business lunch.

What about buying a bunch of T-shirts and pants with the Brad company name on them? The extra cost of cheap printing may be more than saved if you could write off the clothes and their laundering.

Here's two blog posts on work clothes.

Any other questions that arise from my book, Self-employed Tax Solutions, please send them along.


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