Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quicken for Recordkeeping

June --

From Olathe, KS. ... Automotive Training Consultant ... 20 years as an indie.

What bookkeeping software do you recommend? Or do you recommend using software for bookkeeping. I have the Dome software which works somewhat. Would Quicken be better?

-- James

Hi James,

If you want to keep records on computer then I strongly recommend Quicken. It is the easiest and most flexible of all the bookkeeping software I've used. It was introduced to me by an electrician 20 or more years ago, back when very few indies were using software for recordkeeping.

Since then it's developed a lot of unnecessary bells and whistles. I have not yet used the 2011 updated version. I recommend the basic Quicken Starter Edition 2011. You can always upgrade if you really get into all the added features.

For a guide on adapting Quicken's expense categories to an independent professionals business go to my website and under Places To Visit select Quicken Categories For Indies.



Eric D. Burdo said...

Hi June,

I tried to check out the "Quicken Categories for Indies" and all it gives me is a "contact June" page.

June Walker said...

Hi Eric,

Just sent one on to you. It is set up that you need to send me some contact info to get the list. But, oh ... sorry ... I have lots of glitches in my current site. My new site is scheduled for launch around Christmas. And, of course, it will run smooth as butter. We hope.