Thursday, October 28, 2010

International Freelancers Day

If your life has been as hectic as mine over the last two months you may have missed the International Freelancers Day Conference. It was loaded with free, yes, free, information for indies.

Here's your final chance to check it out and listen to all the presentations. Really, at no cost. My fellow freelancer Ed Gandia of The Wealthy Freelancer reminds us that:

The presentation replays for "International Freelancers Day" are available for 4 more days only! They'll be pulled down on October 31.

You can access the presentations here: . Your password is: replay2010.

And... Just in case you thought that this whole thing was a once-a-year thing know that the teaching, training and learning of "International Freelancers Day" is going to continue - all year long - right up until next year's celebration!

After listening and learning, please also pay a visit to The Wealthy Freelancer . Let me know what you learned from the book. Here's my review of it: The Wealthy Freelancer .


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