Wednesday, August 12, 2009

October 15 is the Tax Return Filing Deadline

Hi June,

I have been a fan for years and have recommended your very informative book + website to several other artists too. You have very generously answered a question I had in the past and now I have another:

For the first time my husband and I filed for an extension this year [we're both artists with some W-2's as well as 1099's and other misc. income, despite which we estimate not owing any taxes]. We're using a new accountant this year and she says we have until Oct 15th to file but in your book you mention having to file another form to get approval for this "super" extension.

Have the rules changed since your book was written? I'm hoping we'll have everything ready to file by this Friday Aug 14th anyway but it would be nice not to have to worry about it.

Thanks so much for any clarification,
Jill R.

Hi Jill,

There have been two changes since Self-employed Tax Solutions was published. One change allows for the deduction of start-up costs more quickly than before, and the other is the elimination of the mid-way extension. Your accountant is correct. You now need file only one extension, Form 4868, before April 15 and you will have until October 15 to file your tax return. So you can take your time and proof your numbers.

Here's a couple of my posts with more info File an extension. It's the smart thing to do. and Receipts a mess? Don't know which way to turn and it's almost April 15th!

Please continue to tell you colleagues about all the information available to them -- here, on my site, and in my book. They need as much clear, accurate info as they can get.


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