Friday, July 27, 2007

DBA: Doing Business As -- It's Just A Name

Good afternoon, June,

Can a DBA have its own invoices, purchase orders and so on? Where can I find out about my responsibilities and my rights.

Thanks John from Forrest Cypress, TX


DBA means Doing Business As and is just another way of saying that you John Jones are naming your business something other than your name. Perhaps you've named your business, "John's Business."

Take a look at this column DBA:Doing Business on my website.

DBA is not a business structure or business entity. You could be called John's Business were you a sole proprietor, corporation, partnership -- doesn't matter. There's more info on this at my blog post Which business entity is best?

Yes, you may write purchase orders using your business name. You need to check with your bank about depositing checks made out to your business if you don't have a business account.

John, I can tell from your question that you need a lot of basic information, too much for me to provide in one email. I recommend you start by reading a short column on my website, like: Is it a deductible business expense? and Estimated Taxes, a post on my blog.

If you like what you read there, I encourage you to buy a copy of my book, Self-employed Tax Solutions. The book answers many of the most common self-employed questions in the same easy-to-understand style you'll find in my columns.

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