Saturday, January 29, 2011

Worksheets For Your 2011 Tax Return + Easy Recordkeeping

Fellow Indies --

Here are your Five Easy Steps toward becoming
A Confident Indie.

This is the second edition of Five Easy Steps
and it includes
Worksheets for your 2010 Tax Return
Simple Manual Recordkeeping How-to.

Downloadable PDF
62 pages + 13 pages of additional information

For More Info Including a Table of Contents
To Learn More About The Worksheets
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Been told to “keep good records?” … Now you’ll know how.
Ready to tackle your 2009 tax return? … Here are the worksheets to guide you.
Simplify, save time, reduce stress, miss not one business deduction.

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RoadScribe said...

Thanks for posting this book, June. I will add this to my collection of your books that have helped me with my own bookkeeping. This is the year all of my work and research will pay off. I now have been blessed with a gutsy publisher and a CPA that understands full time RV'ers running a business from their home-office on wheels.